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A Scientifically Perfected Collection of Fruit Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Organic Vegetable Seeds, Hybrid Vegetable Seeds Is Presented Under Our Name!

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About Us 

Sungold Seeds/Galaxy Overseas cares for the environment. While caring for the environment, we aspire to support the agricultural sector by providing support to farmers as well as gardeners. As a leading manufacturer and producer of the agricultural domain, our company focuses on developing a highly reliable and pure gamut of Fruit Seeds & Vegetable Seeds. The promised variety of seeds has proven its excellence in the market, in the past 16 years. Today, many experts of the agricultural community vouch for the high quality and perfect weight of our seeds. 

The goal of our enterprise is to make available our collection of F1-Hybrid Cucumber Seeds, F1-Hybrid Chilli Seeds, Green Papaya Seeds, F1-Hybrid Papaya Seeds, etc., without any break. To assure this, we produce our seeds in bulk. An adequate amount of reserve stock is maintained at our warehousing facility, to meet the emergency requirements of customers. 

Why Choose Our Seeds? 

Various clients trust our variety of Fruits & Vegetable Seeds because of the following reasons: 

  • They have high genetic purity & physiological vigor 
  • They are acclaimed for their experts acclaimed colors, size, and shape that promotes good plant growth
  • They have high germination, physical soundness as well as weight 

Supporting Farmers & Gardeners 

With our incredible collection of seeds, we help several farmers and gardeners in assuring a quality yield. Many agricultural experts of the country agree that our seeds turn into healthy plants and trees. They are easy to plant and have high productivity. When provided proper care, they show efficient growth and bear delicious fruits. 

It is hard for agricultural experts to find a quality collection of seeds at budget-friendly prices. This is when we come into the picture. We concentrate on developing our hybrid seeds, using the best knowledge, techniques, and technology at our facility. This way, we assure, farmers, as well as gardeners can get their hands on the most reliable collection. 

To support our clients, we make sure that our superior gamut F1-Hybrid Papaya Seeds, F1-Hybrid Cucumber Seeds, etc., is made available to all at fair prices. This hygienically developed range of seeds is delivered to all in air-tight packaging. Each ordered package is delivered to clients, on time.